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We understand that not everyone wants the same tools

  • Tagging

    You might just want a cleaner way to manage your tagging processes to get you away from messy Excel-based tagging

  • Machine Learning

    You might be interested in harnessing the power of machine learning to massively boost the productivity of your tagging staff

  • Translation or Theme Discovery

    You might want to tap into the power of machine translation or use our automated Theme Discovery tools

Our Bundles

Whatever your requirements, we want to ensure you're only paying for the features you need. So, Codeit's features are packaged in bundles to suit different customer types.

Codeit Essentials

  • Autocoding - Text Matching
  • Block & Sequential Coding
  • Short Text Coding
  • Verify Mode
  • Data Links
  • API Access
  • Limited to 25 Users

Codeit Explorer

Most Popular

All Codeit Essentials features plus ...

  • Project Tracker
  • Autocoding - Text Rules
  • Text Analytics
  • Word Clouds
  • Loadit
  • Unlimited Users

Codeit Explorer Plus

All Codeit Explorer features plus ...

  • Autocoding - Machine Learning
  • Theme Explorer
  • Machine Translation

Bespoke Solutions

If you have specific requirements that are not neatly covered by one of our standard bundles then please get in touch

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