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A smart platform to level up your team

When you're under pressure to analyse more unstructured data, faster than ever before, it's hard to keep up.

AI and text analytics are useful tools. But alone, they are not smart enough to capture the level of nuance, precision and detail you need.

Codeit combines the speed of AI with the intelligence of your team. It enables teams to analyse text quickly and accurately, at the level of granularity you choose.

Survey Coding Software


Faster Software
Up to 30x faster

Codeit offers unparalleled speed without compromising data quality.
With AI support, automated processes and simple data flows you can save hours of manual effort.

Granular Software
Flexes around the control you need

With Codeit you can let your people make all the decisions, or leave it all up to our AI.
Alternatively, you can choose a powerful combination of both, if you like.

Collaborative Software
A collaborative hub for the whole team

Never email spreadsheets again. With Codeit, every person you choose can access, work on and share data right within the platform.

Integrated Software
Seamlessly connects with your tools

Codeit is integrated into a range of third party tools.
We also offer a clean and reliable API if you want to integrate your internal software
It's also easy to import and export files if you need that too.

What Our Clients Say

Digital Taxonomy enabled us to analyse a large volume of verbatim responses in a very short space of time. We found the Codeit results insightful and helpful in exploring the key themes in detail. The results helped us to understand how patients experienced use of the COVIDOM system, and importantly, how their expressed emotions of reassurance, empathy and safety were drivers of an overall sense of satisfaction. Nicolas Schmidt - Assistance Publique Hopitaux De Paris - France
Before we started using Codeit, handling customer feedback responses was time-consuming and cumbersome. Now that everything is integrated with our data collection system the coding process is much more user friendly. The AI takes care of a large part of the work which has made it easy to get the team onside Julie Eaton - NEC Group - United Kingdom
For our clients, coding consistency and accuracy are by far the most important benchmarks. With Codeit’s layered technology running under human supervision, we can fine tune the degree of automation being used, to ensure we’re coding with absolute confidence. This ability to dial up or down the degree of human oversight is absolutely critical in delivering the best possible coding in the shortest time Chris Calas, DBM Consultants - Sydney
Codeit allows us to utilize a combination of Text Analytics and AI Machine Learning to code large data sets more efficiently. With Text Analytics and AI Coding solutions we are able to train the AI by manually coding portions of the data and then letting the machine code by following the examples. This new coding process is very beneficial to our clients because we’re able to turn around results in about half the time of manual coding. And because we are spending less active hours on the study, we can pass along cost savings to our clients Tim Linneman, SIRS International - Cincinnati
Codeit works great - I got everything done and I found the tool really useful. It is quicker and more efficient than doing it in Excel, but what was even better were the reports and outputs of the coding stats that I could include as a deliverable to the client. For that alone it was well worth using. Jill Elston, Insightful Research - Cambridge

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