Save time and hassle with AI powered tools

When you're under pressure to code open survey responses, faster than ever before, it's hard to keep up.

AI and text analytics are useful tools. But alone, they are not smart enough to capture the level of nuance, precision and detail you need.

Codeit combines the speed of AI with the intelligence of your team. It enables teams to analyse text quickly and accurately, at the level of granularity you choose.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Human Coding
  • Works For Your Whole Team
  • Precise, Accurate Results

How it Works

Analyse and code verbatim data

Save hours of manual effort

With AI support, automated processes and simple data flows give you unparalleled speed without compromising data quality

You're in control

Make all the decisions, leave it to our AI or choose a powerful combination

Team collaboration

Every person you choose can access, work on and share data within the platform

Seamless tool integration

Third party integration with a range of tools. A clean, reliable API and easy file imports and exports.

Trusted by leading research teams

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