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When your requirements demand the highest level of accuracy and coverage, you need codeit's best-in-class manual coding tool

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Manual coding enhanced by AI

  • Ease of Use

    codeit is the favorite tool among manual coders for its intuitive interface and comprehensive set of filtering and editing tools.

  • Quick, Accurate Results

    codeit is designed to maximise productivity whilst maintaining high standards of accurate and reliable coding.

  • Increased Productivity with Machine Learning

    codeit’s Machine Learning system learns as you code so it can autocode new data saving you time, whilst you remain in control.

codeit Manual Coding Features

How Manual Coding works

  • Add Your Data Step - 01

    codeit has a range of flexible ways to import your data - use whichever one works for you.

    Find out more about data integrations in codeit

  • Add Your Codeframe Step - 02

    Import, share, manually build or auto-generate a codeframe. Options to suit every requirement.

    Find out about auto-generating your codeframe with AI

  • Manual Coding Trains the AI Step - 03

    codeit learns as you code your data - allowing the AI to recognise the nuance in survey data that other tools can miss.

  • Apply Machine Learning Step - 04

    By applying what codeit has learnt - more of your new data can be autocoded with accuracy and precision.

How codeit Works

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Introduction to coding

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Machine Learning

codeit automatically learns and autocodes by your example

AI Codeframe Builder

Use the latest AI to autogenerate a codeframe

Quality Control

Ensure quality output using our verification tools

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