Seamless integration with your tools and processes

Codeit fits seamlessly into your existing tools and processes. Use one of our pre-built integrations, connect your tools to our API or import and export a wide range of file types.

For more complex workflows, our supporting tool Loadit makes it easy to create and manage sophisticated data pipelines.

  • Pre-built Integrations
  • Upload a File
  • API Access
  • Custom Loadit Workflows
  • Zapier
Integrate software with Codeit
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Pre-Built Integrations

Connect with your existing software, right out of the box

Codeit comes with a number of in-built 'Data Links' that connect directly to the tools your already use.

This makes it a breeze to pull your data into Codeit and, once you've tagged it, write the data straight back again.

If your preferred tool isn't listed here, then please request a new integration from Sales.

Request a new integration

Upload and export

Upload a file, download results - easy!

If you need to import and export data files manually, then Codeit makes this straightforward too.

You can import files in a matter of seconds and Codeit's smart Import Wizard will help you along the way

Exporting data is easy too, allowing you to share data for further analysis in a variety of formats including Excel, csv and many more...

Codeit Upload and Export
Codeit API

Codeit API

Custom integrate your own software with Codeit

Codeit offers a powerful, modern REST API that gives you full programatic access to the features in Codeit

So, if you want to roll up your sleves and write your own integration, that's fine by us.

Data can be passed in or out of our API in real-time, enabling continuous flows of data and no downtime for your team.

Our REST API is secured over SSL and all data is encrypted with 256 bit encryption.

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