How to use Human-led AI to code verbatim data

codeit Webinar (October 2023)

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Photo for: Introducing <b>theme</b>it, our automated theme discovery tool

Introducing themeit, our automated theme discovery tool

There have been a number of landmark events in the lifetime of codeit. The release of our new “themeit” tool is one of those moments...

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Key codeit features

An unrivalled set of features allowing you to combine human expertise with the latest AI technology

Theme Extraction

Automatically extract themes and sentiment

Machine Learning

codeit automatically learns and autocodes by your example

AI Codeframe Builder

Use the latest AI to autogenerate a codeframe

Data Links

Connect codeit directly to your survey platform

Manual Coding

Code and refine manually using an unrivalled coding interface

Brand Coding

AI assisted brand coding at lightning speed

Auto Translation

Automatically translate over 100 languages

Quality Control

Ensure quality output using our verification tools

Export Formats

A wide range of export formats to meet any requirements

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