New partnership for Codeit with Language Connect, a global leader in market research coding

Language Connect Partnership
New partnership for Codeit with Language Connect, a global leader in market research coding

Digital Taxonomy announces partnership with Language Connect

Tim Brandwood
25 Sep 2019

We're delighted that Language Connect is now using Codeit!

Language Connect cite the benefit of Codeit's unique blend of AI + human oversight to deliver unstructured text tagging faster, with better quality and at lower cost.

Language Connect is a leading provider of market research coding and tagging services. They specialise in complex, large scale and multi-lingual projects, working for clients with very high expectations around quality and speed of delivery.

Language Connect selected Codeit as their new coding platform, because its unique blending of AI, Machine Learning and Text Analytics with human oversight delivers the speed and quality their clients demand. Codeit's integration capabilities are enabling Language Connect to streamline their processes and workflows, easing the management overhead of complex projects.

The partnership is further confirmation that Codeit's seamless blending of advanced technologies with human oversight is the optimal approach to delivering on the promise of AI and Text Analytics, without sacrificing the quality of human judgment. We're going to be working closely with Language Connect, as we do with all our clients, to ensure we continue to enhance and align Codeit's features and performance to our users' real-world needs.

Language Connect's announcement is here.

You can read more about Codeit's technology here.

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